Nobel Prize goes to three physicists for work on quantum science

Three scientists collectively gained this 12 months’s Nobel Prize in physics Tuesday for proving that tiny particles might retain a reference to one another even when separated, a phenomenon as soon as doubted however now being explored for potential real-world functions similar to encrypting data. Frenchman Alain Facet, American John F. Clauser and Austrian Anton … Read more

Agency based by SpaceX employees to debut robot-pizza truck at College of California this fall

A bunch of former SpaceX staff is ready to disrupt the $45 billion American pizza trade this fall with assist from a robotic pizza-maker. Stellar Pizza, which is the brainchild of former SpaceX engineer Benson Tsai and former SpaceX chef Ted Cizma, will provide perfectly-cooked pizzas which can be made by a machine in about … Read more

Beautiful James Webb Area Telescope and Chandra X-ray Observatory photos reveal cosmic secrets and techniques

NASA mixed X-ray knowledge from its Chandra X-Ray Observatory with infrared knowledge from the James Webb Area Telescope to create beautiful new composite photos that it launched right this moment – showcasing the capabilities of each devices. The area company’s James Webb, which launched its first photos to worldwide acclaim in July, was at all … Read more

Verizon supplies Hurricane Ian responders with mobile connectivity by means of drones

Verizon is utilizing a fleet of drones over southwest Florida to offer mobile connectivity to first responders who work across the clock in search and rescue missions to search out survivors who could also be trapped inside one of many greater than 400 buildings destroyed by Hurricane Ian. Tethered drones that may fly for as … Read more

New simulations depict the influence occasion that killed the dinosaurs

Scientists have introduced the primary international simulation of the ‘Chicxulub’ influence occasion that worn out the dinosaurs 66 million years in the past. Their new simulation, which consists of video and pictures, depicts the asteroid, as much as 9 miles in diameter, plunging into the Earth round Gulf of Mexico and making a cataclysmic tsunami. … Read more

Superb picture of asteroid Dimorphos reveals 6,200-mile-long tail of particles

Aftermath of NASA’s first planetary protection check REVEALED: Superb picture reveals 6,200-mile-long tail of particles from asteroid Dimorphos in wake of DART spacecraft collision DART spacecraft intentionally smashed into the asteroid Dimorphos final month NASA mentioned the experiment was the world’s first ever such planetary protection check Now a brand new picture reveals a 6,200-mile-long … Read more

Polish king nicknamed ‘Elbow-high’ due to quick stature might have been two ft taller

A Polish King who reigned through the 14th century was nicknamed ‘Łokietek’ that was translated into ‘Elbow-high’ as a result of it was believed he was solely three ft tall, however a brand new research finds the royal was not less than 5 ft and the identify might have been mistranslated. A workforce of archaeologist … Read more

World’s whitest paint is now skinny sufficient to make use of on vehicles and airplanes

The world’s whitest paint is now skinny sufficient to make use of on vehicles, trains and airplanes to maintain them cool, a brand new examine says. The ultra-white coating, developed at Purdue College in Indiana, is 0.005-inch thick and displays as much as 97.9 per cent of daylight. At present, paints available on the market … Read more

Twitter lastly begins rolling out its edit button

Twitter has lastly began rolling out its most requested characteristic – the power to edit tweets. The social media platform has introduced the Edit Button is now showing for Twitter Blue customers in three nations – Canada, Australia and New Zealand – giving them an opportunity to repair typos and make corrections. Twitter Blue is … Read more

Has the thriller of how the moon fashioned lastly been solved?

It is a query that has puzzled scientists for tons of of years – how precisely did our moon type? Because the Nineteen Seventies, astronomers have suspected that the moon was created when a large protoplanet referred to as Theia struck Earth. Nonetheless, the character of this collision and what occurred instantly after has been … Read more