The medical doctors thought the boy had leukemia, he was simply consuming an excessive amount of milk.

A two-year-old boy who was so pale medical doctors feared he had blood most cancers has lastly been identified: he was consuming an excessive amount of cow’s milk.

Laura Maher’s son, Johnny, from Oregon, was born on the peak of the pandemic in 2020 and has favored cow’s milk since he was one yr outdated.

His mom, unaware of the hazards, allowed him to proceed consuming. He drank between 30 and 40 ounces of milk a day, removed from the really helpful 16 to 24 ounces.

At two years outdated, Johnny was extra fatigued, fussy, and susceptible to tantrums than most toddlers his age. He was additionally very pale, which his mom attributed to the everyday cloudy Pacific Northwest local weather and his Irish heritage.

His mom did not join the dots till Johnny’s pediatrician expressed concern about his mixture of signs and ordered a collection of blood assessments to establish the trigger.

Full blood work confirmed that Johnny’s hemoglobin degree ranged from 4.5 to five.6, nicely under the traditional threshold for a two-year-old of 10.9 to fifteen.

The physician feared that low hemoglobin ranges indicated a analysis of leukemia. However in actuality, Johnny had a extreme iron deficiency.

Cow’s milk hinders the physique’s capability to soak up iron, resulting in exhaustion, pale pores and skin, irritability and irritability, fast heartbeat, lack of urge for food, shortness of breath, and dizziness.

His pediatrician advised Ms. Maher after diagnosing him with iron deficiency that he feared Johnny may need leukemia or one other sort of blood most cancers.

Laura Donovan’s son Johnny was feared to have a kind of blood most cancers after his pediatrician famous an abnormally low quantity of hemoglobin, a key protein for carrying oxygen to different cells within the physique. Seems Johnny had a kind

Laura Donovan survived the culture-changing Got Milk campaign and grew up believing that milk was the key ingredient for developing health.  However, she did not realize that too much milk can be bad.

Laura Donovan survived the culture-changing Acquired Milk marketing campaign and grew up believing that milk was the important thing ingredient for growing well being. Nevertheless, she didn’t notice that an excessive amount of milk could be dangerous.


Iron deficiency is attributable to an inadequate quantity of iron within the blood to supply hemoglobin.

With out hemoglobin, crimson blood cells can not carry oxygen to different cells within the physique.

Iron deficiency anemia (IDA) is the most typical dietary dysfunction on the earth in keeping with the World Well being Group.

Twenty p.c of American kids will likely be identified with anemia sooner or later.

IDA causes elevated coronary heart fee, fatigue, dizziness, irritability and irritability, shortness of breath, pale complexion, and sluggish development.

About two to a few p.c of younger kids have iron deficiency anemia.

In an essay revealed on Monday, Ms Maher stated: “Certainly, he was all the time in a foul temper, by no means appeared nicely rested and had virtually fixed seizures.”

“I suspected he was consuming an excessive amount of milk, which was filling him up, however I did not notice that extreme consumption might accomplish that a lot hurt.”

His iron deficiency anemia (IDA) was so extreme that he had developed a coronary heart murmur, a whistling sound heard via a stethoscope when blood flows abnormally over the center valves.

Milk has been lauded because the gold customary supply of vitamin D and calcium for youngsters to construct robust bones.

The highly effective 1993 Acquired Milk marketing campaign promoted the dietary advantages via adverts that includes the forged of Mates, characters from The Simpsons, and the Williams sisters sporting distinguished milk mustaches.

However there may be such a factor as extra milk. ‘Johnny consistently felt like dust, however he had no manner of telling me. My husband and I are sorry to imagine that Johnny was in a foul temper when his coronary heart was actually in anguish,” Ms Maher stated.

Extreme consumption of cow’s milk is a precursor to iron deficiency anemia. Anemia is a typical downside in American kids, though the kind of anemia Johnny had was much less widespread.

Solely two to a few p.c of younger kids have IDA, however seven to 9 p.c of younger kids have an iron deficiency that could possibly be attributable to milk or one other a part of their food regimen.

When the physique would not get sufficient iron, it might probably’t make hemoglobin, a protein in crimson blood cells. With out hemoglobin, crimson blood cells can not carry oxygen to different cells within the physique.

Listening to that an excessive amount of milk could be dangerous got here as a shock to Ms. Maher, who, like most People, believed that milk was the important thing to rising large and powerful.

She stated: ‘Johnny’s haematologist stated that almost all dad and mom do not know that an excessive amount of milk could be a downside. We see our youngsters daily, however occasional guests, similar to a health care provider or member of the family, might discover worrisome bodily adjustments in our little ones.’

Johnny recovered from his coronary heart murmur and anemia after a month and a half of therapy, which included iron transfusions and dietary dietary supplements.

His character and disposition have modified for the higher, Ms Maher stated. She smiles at everybody she meets, she has extra want to eat and wakes up speaking excitedly to her stuffed animals.

Ms Maher stated: “For the primary time in his little life, I really feel like I am lastly attending to know the true Johnny.”

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